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At Great Boca Smiles we provide our patients with the best treatment and technology, which is why we offer only Invisalign for straightening teeth. We want to help you look and feel your best.

Worn, cracked, or crooked teeth?

If your teeth have become crooked and chipped, you are not alone. Teeth that are not aligned collide resulting in jaw pain and worn teeth. Worn teeth make you look older and have sharp or chipped edges that weaken your teeth leading to cracks and fractures. This is a key reason why teeth and dental restorations don’t last. As teeth lose their alignment they also become cold sensitive and cause patients to clench and grind producing jaw pain and an uneven smile.

The solution is durable, easy and cost-effective

Invisalign is the answer. Using clear and custom-made trays, we move your teeth incrementally and safely. This is done with biomechanics utilizing 3D software to accurately predict tooth movement. The design of each case is overseen by an Invisalign orthodontist and Dr. Alan Markowitz at Great Boca Smiles. Dr. Markowitz has utilized Invisalign for many years and is an expert at achieving the best results.  Plus, these aligners are invisible, pain free, and will not affect your speech.  Unlike wired braces, aligners and attachments can be removed for special occasions.

Our patients love Invisalign. They can be done at any adult age. 

Actual Great Boca Smiles patient results with Invisalign.

Limited Time Offer

$ 750 OFF
  • Treatment is closely followed by the dentist
  • Clear aligners that are invisible
  • Retainers to maintain your new and beautiful smile
  • Financing is available* for as low as $129/month
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