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3D Printer

For faster patient treatment, 3D printing allows for the direct fabrication of unique designs. Using 3D printing, dentists have greater control over implant planning, crowns, and esthetic restorations leading to a more efficient, safe, and comfortable experience for their patients.

CEREC Machine

The CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) machine is a dental tool used to make customized ceramic dental restorations in one visit, speeding up a process that typically requires sending a mold of a patient’s teeth to a dental laboratory to get a part made, which can take up to a week and requires multiple trips to the dentist.

Dental Vibe

The DentalVibe provides gentle vibration to the site of the dental injection. This vibration overloads the nerve that sends pain signals to the brain so that you don’t register the pain or discomfort from the injection.

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