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Dentures for Tooth Replacement in Boca Raton, Florida.


Removable snap-on dentures and screw-retained permanent dentures for tooth replacement in Boca Raton, Florida.

At Great Boca Smiles, Dr. Alan Markowitz provides guidance and knowledge to help his patients decide the best type of denture. At your initial consultation, Dr. Markowitz will help you decide on which type of denture is right for you. There are traditional dentures, snap-in dentures which are removable implant dentures, and fully implant-supported dentures.  

There are two main types of implants supported dentures, over dentures and permanent dentures. Dentures that connect to your jaw using dental implants and the gum tissues for support are called overdentures. Dental implants are titanium screws that are placed inside of your jawbone. The implants use a device that looks like a small fastener that holds the denture in place.
Hybrid 1 beforeandafter
Replacing bad or missing teeth with permanent teeth that can be anchored to dental implants is referred to as permanent dentures. These restorations are called nonremovable dentures or fixed dentures because they use screws, placed by the dentist. These permanent dentures are also referred to as implant-supported dentures, all on 4, all on 6, and all on X.
Of course, healthy natural teeth allow for 100% function when speaking and chewing food. At best fully removable dentures only have a 16-30% chewing efficiency. Snap-on dentures or removable implant-supported dentures will provide between 70-80% chewing efficiency. Permanent implant-supported dentures will restore teeth to almost normal (95-100%) chewing function.

Snap-on dentures and permanent dentures are used when there is not enough bone to support a removable denture. Dental Implant-supported dentures or denture hybrids are great for patients who are missing most of their teeth. They are also a wonderful solution for patients who have been wearing removable dentures for many years. People who wear removable dentures are normally tired of their palates being fully covered by the denture. They are uncomfortable with their conventional denture moving around when they eat and speak. Patients wearing removable dentures have problems chewing foods like steak, apples, corn on the cob, or sandwiches. It is life-changing when the function of chewing is restored to natural tooth function.

Patients who switch from full-coverage conventional dentures to permanent dentures or implant-supported overdentures usually report improvements in speech. Patients often talk about being able to taste their food better and of course, chewing more effectively. The ability to enjoy food is a major win for patients who wear dentures supported by dental implants. The confidence to go out in public with secure teeth is life-changing for our patients.

Beautiful teeth give patients renewed confidence with friends, family, and coworkers. Patients have often described how hiding their teeth or smile has made it hard to meet people and find friends. People perceive them as being unfriendly or maybe even shame them over the look of their teeth. The big question is are these solutions affordable?

All these options come at different prices. The permanent dentures are the most expensive option often exceeding $18000 for each arch. Snap-on appliances are usually half the cost of the permanent denture and hybrid appliance options. They require anywhere from two to six dental implants, and accurate planning.

Patients will often finance these types of dental restorations. Great Boca Smiles offers financial options along with a high commitment to patient satisfaction. Dr. Alan Markowitz and his team are very knowledgeable in offering the latest techniques using the technology needed for predictable outcomes. Dr. Markowitz has always maintained his commitment to the highest level of training.
According to Dr. Markowitz, technology and the most current training are not enough to provide the best care. The team at Great Boca Smiles and the supporting Dental Laboratory play a very large role in ensuring patient satisfaction. The quality of the dental implants as well as the parts that are used to retain the dentures is very important.
Great Boca Smiles in Boca Raton, Florida is a modern and well-maintained facility. Patients often will tell us that they are so impressed by our technology and training as well as our calm environment. We provide all the services needed to achieve excellent results for snap-on dentures and permanent dentures. We understand that patients may have severe dental phobias, and we provide oral sedation techniques for those who have dental anxiety.
Dr. Alan Markowitz will tell you that he uses his heart when he practices dentistry. He will also tell you that he uses his head to provide the very best dental services. The team at Great Boca Smiles looks forward to meeting you.

Common Questions asked by patients looking for denture solutions:

1. Which type of denture is more comfortable Snap on Dentures or Permanent Dentures?

Snap-on dentures rely on dental implants and the soft tissues surrounding them for support which can cause some irritation. Permanent dentures only use dental implants for support and will not leave sore spots on the tissues.

2. Which type of denture is easier to clean, the permanent denture or the removable denture?

The removable denture is the easiest to clean. The permanent denture can only be removed and cleaned by your dentist. However, there is a water-style tip that is used to clean underneath the permanent dentures.

3. What are my options if I have been told that my bones are too thin for implants and permanent dentures?

At Great Boca Smiles we have cone beam 3D imaging ability to analyze your jaw bones. New types of implants and techniques are specifically designed for patients with severe bone loss or thin bones.

4. Do these types of dentures look natural, is there anything visible that makes them look like fake teeth?

These types of restorations require a high level of planning and amazing laboratory techniques that have been perfected in recent years. Yes, these appliances look natural and beautiful when the dental implant placement and restoration are carefully planned.

5. How long will it take to get my new teeth after dental implant surgery?

Many patients receive their permanent teeth right after the dental implant surgery. The dental implants do not have to fully heal but must be in strong and dense bone. The dentist will determine how supportive the implant will be to support the new teeth during the surgery. There are new techniques that allow the dentist to place the implant in a way to supports the new teeth immediately.